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Mozartkugel Walking Tour
The chocolate heart of Salzburg

Chocolate tour guide

Salzburg, historic centre

Walking Tasting Tour Salzburg – Kapitelplatz
Walking Tasting Tour Salzburg – Mozartkugeln
Walking Tasting Tour Salzburg – Burg und Altstadt im Abendlicht
Walking Tasting Tour Salzburg – Mozartkugeln Goldfolie
Walking Tasting Tour Salzburg – Altstadt
Walking Tasting Tour Salzburg – Mozartkugel aufgeschnitten

Step into the delicious world of chocolate and follow the trail of the Mozartkugel: join us for a 'Walking Tasting Class' in the heart of Salzburg. On a stroll through Salzburg's enchanting old town, you'll pick up the most important facts about chocolate, the best way we could imagine: "learning by tasting". We focus on the world famous Mozartkugel and the culinary history that connects it to the city of Salzburg.

chocolate tasting tour Salzburg

Salzburg, historic centre
ca. 02:30 Stunden
6-12 chocolate lovers

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Unsere Termingarantie: Wir sorgen gerade für neue Termine für dieses Event - sie sind in Kürze hier buchbar. Mit einem Gutschein können sie später aus allen Terminen flexibel auswählen.

Chocolate tasting tour in Salzburg

  • Discover the most iconic of chocolates, the famous Mozartkugel, and take a stroll through the lovely historic centre of Salzburg.
  • You will be part of a small and intimate group, the better to share and discuss our selected chocolate samples.
  • Your tour guide will take you to 4 places literally dipped in the history of chocolate: 4 renowned manufacturers of the Mozartkugel. Each does them differently, each has worked out their own delicious recipe.
  • During a 2.5 hours tour, you will get to sample 12 different varieties of the Mozartkugel.
  • The famous Mozartkugel serves as an example for what you can do with chocolate. In a broader perspective, our tasting tour will teach you all you need to know about the handling of chocolate and the creation of fine pralinés.
    • Try various types of chocolate, marcipane and other ingredients.
    • Learn about the history of chocolate and the Mozartkugel and how it relates to the history of Salzburg.
  • Walk the beautiful streets of the old city centre and visit some of its most famous spots (chocolate spots included ...).
  • Take home a printed overview of the tour highlights, to remember and recreate your Salzburg experience whenever you wish.
Walking Tasting Tour Salzburg – Kapitelplatz

Chocolate spheres

Have you ever tried a genuine Austrian Mozartkugel? Ever wondered who invented it, and why it was named after the famous composer? If you are curious – and if you love chocolate – join us for a  "walking tasting tour" in Salzburg. Meet your guide in the historic heart of Salzburg and let him/her take you through its charming cobblestone streets. You will visit some of the most "chocolatey" places of Europe, essential to the culinary history of chocolate.

Chocolate is in the very soul of Austria. For anyone interested in its origin or its role in culinary history, the Mozartkugel is a great place to start. Learn about the ingredients and their composition, the process of making chocolate, and compare what comes of different approaches, techniques and recipes.

While the Mozartkugel has gained worldwide fame, not a single manufacturer can claim to have invented the "real thing". Well, they all try, of course. And every variety of Mozartkugel has its fans. Which one is to be preferred, milk chocolate or bitter-sweet? A focus on marcipane or on the green pistachio filling? Maybe no pistachio at all? What about the nougat core? And where does the "Constanze-Kugel" come into the picture? We let you sample 12 varietes of the Mozartkugel, by 4 acclaimed and traditional manufacturers. Find out how they all differ, and find your favourite!

Salzburg, historic centre

Salzburg, historic centre
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Enjoy a walk through the picturesque city of Salzburg, so brimful of history. Book your tour and we will let you know where you meet up with your guide.

Chocolate tour guide

Ihr Gastgeber
Mit Herz sorgsam ausgesucht

Your tour guide will know the city of Salzburg in intimate detail, and show you to its most beautiful sights. He or she will also be a connaisseur of fine chocolates and the best places to get them!

  • Miomente-Inklusiv

    Our "walking tasting tour" of Salzburg includes 12 samples of Mozartkugel, and a guided tour through the city centre with lots of information and fun.

  • Miomente-Hinweis

    This "walking tasting tour" in Salzburg is conducted in English, but can also be booked in German, Italian or French (groups only, please contact us).

  • Miomente-Geschenktipp

    Looking for a more unusual gift than chocolates? We recommend a walking tasting tour in Salzburg to the hotspots of chocolate!

  • Miomente-Business

    Unsere Schokoladen-Tasting-Tour in Salzburg findet regelmäßig in englischer Sprache statt. Für Gruppenbuchungen ab 6 Personen bieten wir aber auch Touren auf Deutsch, Italienisch oder Französisch an.

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€ 85,00 zzgl. Versand (inkl. MwSt.)
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