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The Art of Korean Barbecue
Korean cooking class in Vienna: Delight in Small Things

Clemens Drdla und sein Team


Korean cooking class Vienna - various BBQ dishes
Korean cooking class Vienna - chicken grilled at table
Korean cooking class Vienna - friends doing BBQ
Korean cooking class Vienna - clinking glasses
Korean cooking class Vienna - BBQ ingredients
Korean cooking class Vienna - woman grilling meat
Korean cooking class Vienna - meat and side dishes
Korean cooking class Vienna - salad wrapping

You love BBQs but you've had enough of sausages and pork chops? Potato salad and garlic bread have lost all their appeal? Then it's time to try something new. Discover BBQ traditions of the Far East, in our fun and instructive Korean cooking class in Vienna. Korean BBQ is done on small, portable grills placed directly on the table. Easy, healthy and simply delicious, our experts' authentic Korean dishes will bring new inspiration to both your in- and outdoor cooking.

Korean cooking class Vienna

ca. 04:30 Stunden
8–14 BBQ lovers

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Korean cooking class in Vienna

  • Welcome to the beautiful kitchen of ConFusion: Have a sparkling drink while you take in the location and greet your fellow BBQ enthusiasts.
  • Meet the experts: Our charming cook Inkyung Choung is here to share her intimate knowledge of Korean cuisine with you. Clemens Drdla has always been passionate about Asian cuisine – so watch out because his enthusiasm is contagious!
  • This cooking class is taught in English, but relax: it's all about feeling, smelling, tasting and enjoying the delicious dishes Inkyung or Clemens will prepare with you. There is no language barrier in the world of food.
  • Inkyung will introduce you to the technique of Korean BBQ: grilling food on a hot metal plate.
  • You will prepare a selection of traditional foods, for example:
    • Mandu (Dumplings filled with meat, vegetables and kimchi)
    • Bulgogi (Thin slices of beef marinated in a sweet soy sauce)
    • Dwaeji Bulgogi (Slices of pork marinated in a sweet and spicy sauce)
    • Doenjang Jjigae (Korean stew with soybean paste)
    • Pa Muchim (Spring onion salad)
    • A traditional Korean dessert
  • When the work is done, sit down and enjoy what you've prepared, maybe with a glass of wine or a well-deserved beer!
  • Inkyung knows what she's talking about, so do not hesitate to ask for her advice on the best ingredients or cooking techniques.
Korean cooking class Vienna - various BBQ dishes

BBQ the Korean way

It's such a great way to spend a beautiful summer evening: having friends over for a barbeque. We put on the usual varieties of sausages and someone brings a salad, the kids run wild in the back yard until one gets stung by a bee, and while the sausages are burning to charcoal black, the first wasp crawls into your lemonade glass … but wait! Isn't there any other way of doing this? Oh yes, there is! Try a Korean barbecue, with its small hot-plate table grills, its delicate slices of meat, its wide range of delicious vegetables and steamed rice.

This class is an opportunity to learn from the best – our South Korean cooking expert Inkyung, who brings you authentic home-style recipes and Clemens Drdla, who founded ConFusion to share his love of Asian cuisine with as many gourmets as possible. Discover the multiple aromas of Korean cuisine, the hearty, sweet and bitter tastes represented in so many side-servings: Chicken wings, beef of pork slices come with spicy sauces, pickled vegetables, fresh salads and delicate wrappings.

Come to our Korean cooking class in Vienna if you're looking for a new approach to grilling. You will take home lots of inspiration, fabulous recipes, and memories of a very special evening. Next time you invite your folks over for a barbecue, you will have so much more to offer. BBQ Korean-style is a fun way to cook and eat, low-fat and healthy to boot. It's traditional, yes – but to us, it's also the future of barbecue!



Die Location
Mit Verstand von uns geprüft

In den hellen, modernen Räumlichkeiten von Confusion in Wien kochen Sie in herrlicher Umgebung köstliche asiatische Spezialitäten. Klares Design, professionelles Handwerkszeug und eine große Tafel mit hochwertigem Geschirr sorgen für den perfekten Koch-Abend.

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Clemens Drdla und sein Team

Ihr Gastgeber
Mit Herz sorgsam ausgesucht

Ihr sympathischer Gastgeber Clemens Drdla wurde durch seine Kindheit in Südkorea von der asiatischen Küche sehr geprägt. Nach vielen Reisen und einem Studium am berühmten Le Cordon Bleu in Bangkok und an der Tokyo Sushi Academy kehrte er nach Wien zurück, um eine Kochschule nach seinen Vorstellungen zu eröffnen. Auf Basis seines Mottos: „First learn the rules, then break the rules“ entstand der Name ConFusion.

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  • Miomente-Inklusiv

    All ingredients and drinks (water, tea and coffee, a selection of wines and beers) are included in the ticket price for our Korean cooking class in Vienna. You will also receive the evening's recipes in print. We provide kitchen aprons for the course of the evening.

  • Miomente-Hinweis

    Please note that the Korean cooking class in Vienna is an English-language event.

  • Miomente-Geschenktipp

    Our Korean cooking class in Vienna makes a great gift for any lover of Asian cuisine.

  • Miomente-Business

    Why not do a Korean barbecue with your team? We will be pleased to organize a Korean cooking class in Vienna as your private event.

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